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Free Kick Specialist

Free Kick Specialist

A simple game that definitely ranks high in entertainment value, Free Kick Specialist involves trying to get the ball into the goal. This game has several different features to add spin, speed, and direction.
Although simple enough in theory, there are various ways of controlling direction, speed, and velocity of the ball gets to its destination, so there are virtually limitless combinations you can try out.

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Goal II: Living the Dream

Goal II: Living the Dream

From the back lot to the arena, this game takes you all the way to the heart of the action! Each level gets progressively more challenging, leading up to some serious and awesome penalty kick action that never lets up in soccer game intensity.
Some of the challenges that you will face are defensive walls to distracting winds. Superb graphics, great sound and a high excitement level makes this game a must to play today!

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Magical Kicks

Magical Kicks

Penalty kicks are what this game is all about, and the simplicity of Magical Kicks is matched only by its fun factor. You are able to set and configure several options f how high, how fast and in which direction the ball will go and try to get past the other team’s defenses. Don’t forget to account for wind direction!
This is one of the top penalty soccer kick games out there on the so what’s stopping from playing today.

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Premier League : Penalties

Premier League : Penalties

Test your skills against some of the most formidable goalies in the business with this fascinating game! With a superb degree of control over every aspect of the ball’s trajectory, you just may get the better of the other team! This game is a huge win when you start playing it makes you feel the real intensity of premier soccer.
Excellent graphics and authentic arena sounds make this a game that all soccer aficionados will enjoy.

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World Cup Penalty 2010

World Cup Penalty 2010

The feverish atmosphere of the World Cup can be yours to enjoy on your computer with this exciting title! Set the options for ball direction, as well as height, and speed, and let her rip!
One of the great features about this game is your next turn; you get to guard your goal against an opponent keen on scoring a goal. This is one of the best penalty kick games around any serious soccer playing games.

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