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Soccer Dribble

Soccer Dribble

The object of Soccer Dribble is to “dribble” or bounce the soccer ball for as long as possible without dropping it. Throughout the game, players will have to make sure that the ball doesn’t hit the red icons with skulls on them. Adding more to the excitement are the bonus points and added time rewards.
Keep the ball up in the air as long as you can and continue to see your score climb to the top.

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Goal South Africa

Goal South Africa

Goal South Africa offers a unique take in the typical online flash soccer game with an aerial point of view that gives you total access to all the action at a glance. This one of the best full soccer version games of flash soccer games that can be played online today.
Pass the ball to your teammates or go for the goal, and endless fast-paced soccer game and entertainment can be yours to enjoy!

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